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Advanced Kayak Lessons Include
High Braces
High Winds Paddling
Eskimo Rolls
Advanced Self-Rescues
Map and Compass Skills
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Things you can learn when taking advanced kayak lessons:
  • The high brace - So that your confidence will increase in any condition of wind and waves. 
  • Efficient forward strokes - So that you can paddle all day long and not tire your arms! 
  • Turn a kayak by edging gracefully - This is the method of turning a kayak without a rudder. 
  • Paddle in any weather condition - Learn to paddle with confidence in any circumstance.  Have fun in the wind and waves while everyone else is on the beach.
  • Continue with practice of the self-rescue/re-entry.
  • Having fun in bad weather - Head into high winds with confidence. Then return with the waves. This is called kayak, or butt, surfing and it is a totally enjoyable way to recreate safely while getting great outdoor exercise.
  • Kayak camping - Learn how to pack your boat, camp in comfort, paddle all day efficiently, and navigate with map and compass. Here's an example of advanced kayak packing.  

Things to know about taking advanced kayak lessons with us: 
  • You can take a kayak lesson with us any time of the year.
  • Schedule of Classes: We don't normally schedule classes. If you want to take a lesson with us, simply contact us and book a day for a lesson. 
  • The maximum group size is 5 paddlers.
  • We'll start early in the morning and work on skills ALL DAY. 
  • We supply kayaks and all accessories.
  • After you schedule a lesson; we will send you travel directions and a list of suggested clothing and gear.
  • You will need to bring your own lunch, snacks, and water. Although, we will have extra water. 
  • The cost is $180 per person for advanced kayak instruction. 

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Advanced Kayak Lessons
Video capture taken whilst paddling in Windy Canyon
Self-Rescue Demonstration
Advanced Kayak Instruction:
Videos - Advanced Skills Examples: [showing just some of the skills you can add to your personal "skills library"]
Self-Rescue Demo:
High Brace Drills
High Brace Drills:
Eskimo Lever Roll Demo
Eskimo Lever Roll:
Capsize, Swim, and Roll
Capsize, Swim to Paddle, and Roll:
Capsize, Re-enter, and Roll
Capsize, Re-enter, and Roll:
Tandem, Brace, Self-rescue, Rolls
Tandem Brace and Self-Rescue Drills:
Rolling a Tandem Kayak
Rolling a Tandem Kayak Demo:
Forward Stroke and Edging Demo
Forward Stroke and Edging Demo:
Somersault Re-Entry and Roll
Somersault Re-entry and Roll Explained: