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This is what Victoria, age 38, from Albany, NY, had this to say...
"Hello! Dont just browse this website and wonder what it would be like. Sign up and do it! I just finished the 2 night 3 day fitness training/paddling adventure with Kayak Lake Mead this first week in July of 2006. I can not do justice in describing what a..." Read more testimonials here.

Here's a Typical 3-Day Fitness Adventure:
Day One - We'll paddle upstream 8 miles in the Black Canyon, run 6 miles through twisting, turning desert slot canyons, relax for awhile in a hot spring, and then paddle 8 miles downstream.

Day Two - We'll go mtbiking, exploring the desert, and cycling on jeep roads that have rarely seen a mountain bike. That night starting about 7 pm, we'll paddle 4 to 8 miles on Temple Bay, find a good beach, set up a camp, and get some rest.

Day Three - In the morning after some camp coffee, we'll work on advanced kayak skills, have some breakfast, and then paddle back practicing our new skills - finishing 3 great days of adventure and fitness training.  

A Typical 2-Day Fitness Adventure:

Day One - We'll trek and or run up one canyon and descend, with rappelling, down another. This a good adventure all by itself. We if have time, we'll do a few hours of paddling,

Day Two - We'll paddle 5 miles, we'll hike up a mountain giving us a 1500' elevation gain over Lake Mead, we'll run down and back to the boats, and we'll paddle back, finishing two days of a great outdoor fitness experience.

This day is a great day if you only have one day for our Fitness Vacation.

Kayak Lake Mead's Fitness Vacation is strenuous and it is hardcore - it is one to three days of kayaking, canyon running, and mountain biking. 

The bottom line is (and the only bottom line that matters) is we are going to have A GREAT TIME working out in the outdoors!

Note on Mtbiking: We can add in mountain bike adventures if you BYOB (bring your own bike).
Running Boy Scout CanyonRunning Ringbolt CanyonRunning a side canyon of Boy Scout CanyonCanyoneering as a team...More teamwork...OrienteeringSpeed hiking...Mountain biking to Big Horn Cove...Mountain biking above Willow Beach...Paddling Crane's Nest Rapids in the Black Canyon...Kayaking the open waters of Lake Mead...Paddling on Lake MeadRappelling an unknown side canyon of the Black Canyon...Trekking along the ridge of Arch Mountain high above Lake Mead...Roll practice in the emerald waters of the Black Canyon...More roll practice at 4 mile beach...Running an unknown slot canyon near Lake Mead...Speed trekking in the Mohave Desert...Speed trekking in the White Hills...Boulder running on the "Training Rocks" in White Hills...Looking at Lake Mead from the top of Arch Mountain...Looking along Arch Mountain Ridge...Desert speed hiking...Paddling downwind...Paddling up to the dam...Climbing in Oreo Canyon...Josh Canyon training...Desert speed hiking...White Hills training rocks...Paddling in Windy Canyon...
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Kayak Lake Mead's
Example Adventure Fitness Vacations:

Our Desert Adventure Fitness website is a guide book of backcountry and multi sport adventures in the area of Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and the Black Canyon, that include kayaking, hiking, running, mountain biking, packrafting, and more. Below are some examples for possible vacations from our Desert Adventure Fitness website.

Adventure Fitness Information:
  • Group size: Minimum is one person and maximum is four people
  • Time duration: One (1) to three (3) days
  • Cost: For a group of two or more, $200 per person per day, private fitness vacation is $260 / day.

Go to our Sign-Up Page to book your Adventure Fitness Vacation.

Maps and Photos:
Use the interactive map below to see a map of the areas you may be training in and some photos of what your experience could look like.

To see all the icons you may have to zoom out. Then you can zoom in, zoom out, pan around, toggle between map, satellite, or terrain views and click on the icons for information and photos.

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What is Kayak Lake Mead's Adventure Fitness Vacation?
It is combining the sports of distnace kayaking, canyon running, long distance speed trekking, and sometiimes adding in mountain biking into one, two, or three days of exercise, adventure, and fun. For one or more days - you will be living multi-sport adventure. That's why it has been said, "Kayak Lake Mead's Adventure Fitness Vacation is a life charging experience". 

Videos showing a little something of our Adventure Fitness Vacations:
Adventure Fitness
Climbing in Oreo Canyon
Some Adventure Fitness Scenes
Climbing in Oreo Canyon
Speed and Strength - Day 1
Climbing in Oreo Canyon
Running Up A Waterfall
Running Up a Waterfall
On the Training Rocks
On the Training Rocks
Four Days of Trainiing
Four Days of Training
If you are considering an Adventure Fitness Vacation with us, take the time to watch a few of these videos. Because - aside from your vacation being customized for you, these videos show exactly what an adventure fitness experience with us is like. To see the complete playlist of 23 videos, go here.