Beginner Kayak Lessons with Kayak Lake Mead
Things you'll learn when taking kayak lessons with us:
  • Properly fit & adjust the kayak
  • Properly grip & control the paddle
  • Understand how a paddle works
  • Safely pick up portage the kayak
  • Gracefully enter and exit the kayak from beach or pier
  • Perform basic strokes and maneuvers such as the the forward stroke, sweep strokes, draw strokes, low and high braces, and the stern rudder
  • Wet-exit the kayak and perform T-Rescue and Self-Rescue
  • Understand personal limitations and skill level
  • Understand necessary safety considerations
  • All about kayaks and what might be a good kayak for you
  • All about paddles and what paddle should you consider getting

Things to know about taking kayak lessons with us:
  • You can take a kayak lesson with us any time of the year.
  • Schedule of Classes: We don't normally schedule classes. If you want to take a lesson with us, simply contact us and book a day for a lesson.
  • The maximum group size is 5 paddlers.
  • We'll start early in the morning and paddle into the early afternoon.
  • We supply kayaks and all accessories.
  • After you schedule a lesson; we will send you travel directions and a list of suggested clothing and gear.
  • You will need to bring your own lunch, snacks, and water. Although, we will have extra water.
  • The cost is $180 per person for a beginner kayak lesson.

Our most important kayak school lesson:
Kayaking is FUN, it is worth learning and it is something you will likely enjoy forever!
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Beginner Kayak Instruction
This is Mike Bitton learning a self-rescue technique.
Beginner Kayak Lessons Include
Paddling and Water Safety
Kayak Designs and Options for Owning Your Own Kayak
All About Paddle Designs and Options for Buying the Best Paddle for You
Entering and Exiting a Kayak
The Forward Stroke
Other Basic Strokes for Turning and Control
Self-Rescue and Assisted Rescue
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Beginner Kayak Lessons:
Kayak Skills Playlist
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This playlist shows both beginner, intermediate, and advanced skills. For your beginner lesson, we will start off with the most basic skills and after that you can expand your skills as much as you desire. We'll always be there to help you! 
Your instructor, Robert Finlay, enjoys teaching, teaches kayaking based upon over 24 years experience and is:

From  beginner lesson student, James Patterson; "It was great meeting you too. I was just thinking how lucky I was to get my first lesson from you rather than some random kayak tour guide.You know your stuff and obviously really love what you do."
What sets Kayak Lake Mead apart: