Black Canyon Hot Springs
Black Canyon Hot Springs
Hot Springs
how a hot spring works
Kayaking and Hot Springing
You can spend the whole day or days paddling and exploring hot springs at your own pace in the Black Canyon.

Hot Springs for the Body
At Kayak Lake Mead we don't make claims as to the therapeutic value for any of the Black Canyon Hot Springs. However, we know that in Europe and in Japan bathing in mineral waters, balneology, is considered a branch of medical science.

And is defined as: the science of medical treatment by bathing, a branch of medicine concerned with therapeutic bathing, especially in natural mineral spring water.

Hot Springs for the Mind
We do know that sitting in a hot spring is relaxing.

Hot Springs for the Spirit
And we know that you feel happier after sitting or taking a shower in a hot spring. 

The Magic of a Natural Hot Spring
Cold ground water, maybe 50 degrees F, mixes with hot
water that has come in contact with the earth's magma,
1000's of degrees F and the net result is...

Water that is perfect for human body to soak in. A hot tub
temperature of exactly 104 degrees F.

We know of and paddle to seven natural hot springs in
the Black Canyon of the Colorado River.

Most of these hot springs are actually small streams and
even include hot spring waterfalls.

And most of these hot spring streams have more than one
soaking pool which vary in temperature from warm to hot
at about 85 to 106 degrees F.

Kayak Workouts and Hot Springs
You can also do a great kayak workout. There is nothing quite like paddling 8 miles at your best pace...relaxing and soaking in a natural hot tub for an hour and then paddling back.

Hot Springs and Hiking
Some of the hot springs in the Black Canyon are more easily accessed by kayaking along with a short walk.

Although, all of the springs can be accessed by hiking from the canyon rim; some of the hikes from the rim are very adventurous and require advanced canyoneering skills like rappelling and jumaring.

Use the interactive map below to see some hiking options to the Arizona Hot Spring. To see all the icons you may have to zoom out. Then you can zoom in, zoom out, pan around, toggle between map, satellite, or terrain views and click on the icons for information and some photos.

Kayak Lake Mead
If you would like to do a guided kayaking or hiking trip to a hot spring in the Black Canyon, let us know...
Eyton's Earth is web site that is an excellent resource for information on the mineral healing properties of water and balneology and the healing properties of clay.

Email us about our kayak trips to hot springs...


Take a 38 sec. walk through the Arizona / Ring Bolt Hot Springs...
Take a quick walk through the Arizona Hot Springs...

Contact us to set up your own day of paddling or hiking and soaking in a natural hot spring.
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