Black Canyon & Lake Mojave

The water temperature in the Black Canyon from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach is usually about 53 F.

Lake Mojave Water Temperatures and Levels
Black Canyon and Lake Mead Paddling Information
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Pictures are worth a thousand words, so we added lots of photos to our interactive maps, Google Map, Google Earth, and Black Canyon Topo - enjoy!

On this page you will find: General Information, Weather, Water Levels, Water Temperatures,  and Important Links for kayak & canoe outfitters, bicycle shops, places to stay, places to eat, and real estate in Mojave County. 

Black Canyon and Lake Mead: If you're bringing your own kayak or canoe...
The Black Canyon of the Colorado Rive between Willow Beach and Hoover Dam is a wonderful place to paddle. However, often overlooked as a paddling destination is the rest of Lake Mojave and especially Lake Mead.

Both Lakes Mead and Mojave have miles and miles of shoreline and coves to explore by kayak. It's an amazing area, a water playground in the middle of the desert. Paddle in the eastern basins and canyons of Lake Mead or south of Willow Beach on Lake Mojave - and you will probably not see another paddler.

If you like hiking and exploring backcountry areas off road - you will definitely see no one! Much of the desert surrounding Lake Mead is roadless. So, your kayak is a great means to access hiking and exploring adventures.

If you like playing in the big winds - Lake Mead can be windy! There are few things more fun than paddling and playing in the wind and waves of Lake Mead during the hot Summer months. Water temperatures commonly reach into the upper 70s and even 80s. Imagine practicing wind-driven-wave surfing on miles of big fetch while enjoying some respite from our desert heat. It's priceless!

But if you're trying to miss the wind, you can often find protection in the Virgin Canyon with its high canyon walls. 
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Lake Mead and Black Canyon General Info:
Important Links:
Kayaking and Hiking Lake Mead and Black Canyon, click here.

Black Canyon and Lake Mead Outfitters:

Kayak Lake Mead (yup, that's us!)
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Bike Shops:
All Mountain Cyclery
Located in Boulder City, Nevada

Bicycle World
Located in Kingman, Arizona
See in Google Places

Places to Stay:
Boulder Dam Hotel
Boulder Dam Hotel is nestled in the historic district of clean, green Boulder City.

Sheps Miners Inn
Breathe clean air and visit the people of a Western ghost town.

Places to Eat and Drink:
Milos Best Cellars
Over 50 beers and wine by the glass...

Boulder Dam Brewing Company
The locals call it - "the best brewpub".

Real Estate Mojave County Arizona:
Diane Pherigo
Diane is a leader in Real Estate sales in the Kingman AZ area.

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