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Arizona Hot Springs
A Kayak Trip in the Black Canyon
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Arizona Hot Springs - a Kayak Lake Mead trip
Arizona aka Ringbolt Hot Spring:

A full day kayak trip in the Black Canyon. It is an 8 mile paddle upstream from Willow Beach through some of the most scenic places in the Black Canyon to Ringbolt / Arizona Hot Springs (16 miles round trip).  Once we get to the springs, we just relax and soak. But, if we include a 2 mile round trip hike, we can visit some great petroglyphs.

The put-in point for our Black Canyon trips is Willow Beach, Arizona (just an hour and a half from downtown Las Vegas, Nevada).

See desert animals and vegetation of the Black Canyon; Mojave Desert Flora and Fauna.

Go to our Sign-Up Page to book your kayak trip. This trip is a full day trip priced at $180 per person.

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A view upstream from Ringbolt Cove and folks enjoying the hot springs.
Arizona Hot Springs - a Kayak Lake Mead paddle trip
Robert Finlay - Director Kayak Lake Mead
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Have a good soak!
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