Petroglyphs in Arizona Hot Spring Canyon

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Although this adventure is not super strenuous, a level of fitness that supports a three mile desert hike and an eight mile paddle is required.   

Desert Adventure Trip Information:
  • Group size: Minimum is two and maximum is four people
  • Time duration: Seven to eight hours
  • Cost: $200 per person

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Enjoy a Desert Adventure Photo Gallery
Many of the photos are supplied courtesy of Michael Malandra Photography
This trip can only be offered from 1 October through 14 May. From 15 May through 30 September the hiking trails to the springs are closed, making our Arizona Hot Springs trip an ideal trip to do, as kayakers will have the springs pretty much to themselves.  

You will find this to be a unique experience; hiking, kayaking and time to soak in a natural hot spring. 

It begins with a three mile hike through desert canyons, followed by a soak in natural hot springs and finishes with an eight mile paddle down the very scenic Black Canyon of the Colorado River.

See a Photographic Map Tour below. 

Also, here's a 3 minute video of our Desert Adventure...

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Desert Adventure on May 2, 2012. Photo by Carl Parker
Charlie in the hot springs shower
Heather and Oliver in the hot springs
Arizona Hot Springs
Fall colors of Salt Cedar
First part of the hike
Top of the saddle
Continuing down the saddle
Sue and Robert walking into Ringbolt Canyon
Continueing down the canyon
Into the narrows
Welded tuff lava
Ringbolt Canyon
Ringbolt Canyon
Majestic Black Canyon
The portal of the Black Canyon
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Kayak Lake Mead's
Desert Adventure
In the Black Canyon of the Colorado River
Photo courtesy of Michael Malandra
Kayak Lake Mead’s Desert Adventure