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Eddyline Kayaks

Kayak Lake Mead is an authorized dealer of Eddyline Kayaks and Swift Paddles for Arizona and Nevada.

We ship paddles throughout the USA and we can ship kayaks to Utah, New Mexico and Texas.  We are located near Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Contact us for information about Eddyline Kayaks or Swift Paddles or to arrange a demo.  These are the kayaks and paddles we supply on our guided trips. 

Paddle with us for a lesson or a kayak demo receive $200 off the purchase of your new kayak.

Eddyline Kayaks are lively and fun to paddle.  Below are some of the Eddyline Kayaks that you can demo.

Go to this link for information about Swift Paddles.  

For a complete description of all of Eddyline Kayaks go to www.eddyline.com.

Give us a call or email us: 928-767-3061 or [email protected]
For a complete description of all 19 models of Eddyline Kayaks go to www.eddyline.com.

Why consider buying an Eddyline Kayak?
Eddyline Kayaks and Swift Paddles have one of the best customer service records in the paddle industry.

The hull design of a boat is almost everything.  This defines how a boat performs in the water which is what a boat is all about.  Each Eddyline model of kayak performs with a stated purpose and each different Eddyline hull design is designed for that purpose.

Eddyline Kayaks are designed rudder free.  You control the boat using your paddle and the shifting weight of your body.  This makes paddling natural and enjoyable.

Eddyline kayaks 16' and over are equipped with a retractable skeg; a device designed for trimming your boat under the varying conditions of the wind and how you have it loaded.

In general, Eddyline Kayaks move through the water nicely.  They track straight, turn easily, have good capacity for gear, and are comfortable to be in.

Simply put - they are lively boats and fun to paddle!   Eddyline Kayaks are manufactured with Carbonlite 2000, a thermoform technology, making them durable and easy to repair. 

Carbonlite 2000 is a high performance co-extruded plastic laminate that is proprietary to Eddyline Kayaks.
It looks and performs like fiberglass with clear advantages over other plastics; dimensional stability and increased stiffness, higher heat distortion resistance, hard glossy finishes, excellent abrasion and impact resistance, extremely tough, easy repairability, superior UV resistance and lighter weights.Carbonlite 2000 is 100% recyclable.

Eddyline has been in business for over 33 years.  Each kayak is designed personally by Tom Derrer, the owner. 

When you purchase a boat from Kayak Lake Mead; you get all the paddling lessons you'll ever need  -

Go to www.eddyline.com for more information. 

Getting a kayak is an important purchase. 

If you have any questions: 
E-mail us about Eddyline Kayaks give us a call at 928-767-3061 for a consultation or to make arrangements for a demo.

Eddyline Galaxy Blue Night Hawk
Galaxy Blue Eddyline Night Hawk 16
Search Kayak Lake Mead:
Eddyline Galaxy Blue Night Hawk 16
Eddyline White Night Hawk 16
Galaxy Blue Night Hawk 16
White Night Hawk 16: Price is $1800. This boat is Almost New. 16' by 22', keyhole cockpit, skeg. This kayak paddles like a sports car. MSRP $2449.

All the kayaks in our fleet are always for sale at incredilble prices. This gives you a good deal and allows us to replace the kayaks in our fleet with new boats.

Currently these kayaks are for sale:
Currently For Sale (as of 13 May 2016):

Eddyline Raven, all white, like brand new ($2000, MSRP is $2799) and...

an Eddyline Equinox, all white, excellent condition ($1400, MSRP is $1799).

Photos coming soon...