Robert and Druce Finlay approaching 10,000 Islands from Cape Ramano 2010
Kayak Lake Mead's Everglades Challenge Experiences

Druce and I have completed The Everglades Challenge (The EC) in a kayak several times. To do the event, you first join the men and women of WaterTribe, a group of water adventurers of 'kindred spirits'. Everyone has a tribal name. Our names are IronBob (that's me, my nickname among Red Rock Nevada rock climbers from my time as a union ironworker) and Druce is TheJuice.  

As an adventurer but also an adventure racer, what I most like about this event is simply; the paddle section is never canceled.

What do you receive for finishing the Everglades Challenge? You receive a shark tooth and if you include in your passage the entire inside the Everglades Route to include the Nightmare you also get an alligator tooth. These teeth are worn with pride by members of the WaterTribe. To understand why, you have to be there from start to finish. 

The following three statements are from the home page of the website:

"The purpose of WaterTribe is to encourage the development of boats, equipment, skills, and human athletic performance for safe and efficient coastal cruising using minimal impact human and wind powered watercraft based on kayaks, canoes, and small sailboats." ~ Chief, February 2000

"A life changing experience."

"How far could you go in a small boat? Maybe further than you think."

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Robert and Druce Finlay approaching 10,000 Islands from Cape Romano 2010
Kayak Lake Mead's
Everglades Challenge Race Reports

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Below is an unusual Google Map of various photos and image manipulations, each representing some of my memories, emotions, and feelings, each mapped, more or less, at the location of the experience.  Course maps for each year are on each respective report page.

Note: For years 2015, 2016, and beyond go to Robert Finlay of Kayak Lake Mead: A Journal