Kayaking Hiking Trips with Kayak Lake Mead
Paddle and then hike, journeying to and exploring places on Lake Mead and in the Black Canyon that few people visit. Chances are, when you hike with Kayak Lake Mead on these trips, you won't see anyone else!

Exploring the Mojave Desert, immersing ourselves in nature, enjoying outdoors; and exploring, the geology, the flora, and the fauna - these are the reasons for hiking in rarely visited places accessisble only by kayak. 

Hiking and kayaking possiblitites are endless in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. But, we have several trips that we like to do and recommend. White Mesa and Yurt Mesa are recommended for fit adults, however our Desert Adventure  and Cranes' Nest Canyon are good trips for the whole family.

Of these kayaking-hiking trips, our Desert Adventure is our most popular full day and Cranes' Nest Canyon is our most popular half day trip. Scroll down and browse...

Hiking Adventure Trip Information:
  • Group size: Minimum is one person and maximum is seven people
  • Time duration: Our kayaking-hiking adventures are a full day of 6 to 8 hours
  • Cost: $180 per person

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Kayak Lake Mead's    Kayaking and Hiking Adventures Black Canyon and Lake Mead
Other recommended Combination Kayaking / Hiking Trips:
Kayaking and Hiking Trip to Teal Cove and White Mesa
Desert Adventure
3 miles of hiking, a hot spring, 8 miles of paddling
Temple Bar to Wild Burro Bay to The Temple
9 miles of paddling, 6 miles of hiking
Willow Beach to Cranes' Nest Canyon
8 miles of paddling, 2 miles of hiking
Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure - a paddling and hiking trip
Temple Bar to Teal Cove to White Mesa
9 miles of paddling, 7 miles of hiking
Cranes Nest Canyon - a Kayak Lake Mead paddling and hiking trip
Crane's Nest Rapids - a Kayak Lake Mead paddle trip
Robert Finlay - Director Kayak Lake Mead
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See ya paddling, Robert Finlay, Director Kayak Lake Mead
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Burro Cove to The Temple - a Kayak Lake Mead paddling and hiking trip
The Desert Adventure is our most popular hiking and kayaking adventure trip.
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