View to the Colorado River from Queho's Cave
Queho Cave
An exploration in the Black Canyon
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Queho Cave:
This is a fun, although arduous for its length, half-day kayaking and hiking trip in the Black Canyon. The distances are very short; round trip only about 2 milse of paddling and about mile of hiking. But, it is a tough little hike. This trip would be for advanced hikers only.

Queho was an outcast, a renegrade Indian, an alleged murderer, and the subject of much local speculation and colorful history. A survivor who evaded capture by numerous posses for almost 30 years. Here are some good articles and links; Queho - Renegade Indian Outlaw and Queho on Wikipedia.

The put-in point for this Black Canyon trip is Willow Beach, Arizona (just an hour and a half from downtown Las Vegas, Nevada).

A great full day trip includes a visit to Queho's Cave and Frogman Petroglyph.

See desert animals and vegetation of the Black Canyon; Mojave Desert Flora and Fauna.

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Views of the Black Canyon from a kayak and some views of Queho Cave and views from the cave.
Frogman Petroglyph - a Kayak Lake Mead paddle trip
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At the entrance ot Queho CaveVintage photo of Queho's remains...The 'Don Mars' boulder outside the entrance to the cave...Pinchshion Cactus A view south aloing the wall of the cave.The view downstream from the mouth of Queho's Cave... A view of James paddling in front of Queho Cove...The very bush choked entrance to the canyon.A map showing the kayaking - hiking route to the cave.