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On Lake Mead and in the Black Canyon
Beginner Kayak Lessons - Personalized, All the Basics
Advanced Kayak Instruction - Eskimo Rolls, Braces, Self Rescues, Paddling in Wind and Waves
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Beginner and Advanced Kayak Lessons
Kayaking can provide a lifetime's worth of enjoyment. We love introducing people to kayaking. Our kayak lesson classes are small and personalized, and thorough. We want you to enjoy yourself and to succeed. 

Beginner Lessons
Lessons with Kayak Lake Mead will get you started in a sport that is easy to do and fun. You can paddle to relax. Or you can paddle for exercise. Like cycling, it is a fitness and recreational oriented activity and it is fun by yourself, with your friends, or with your whole family. Kayaking can help you to get in shape, tone up, or lose weight.

Kayaking as an activity is a high rep, low impact workout of abs, arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Since a paddle stroke starts at the feet, you'll employ legs and butt as well. Kayaking fitness is aerobic, strength and flexibility training. Your heart will love it.

Our beginner kayak lessons are conducted in the Black Canyon, meeting at Willow Beach, AZ (about one hour from downtown Las Vegas). The canyon is more protected from the wind, as opposed to the open waters of Lake Mead, thus insuring a better lesson for the beginner.  Advanced lessons that involve paddling in high winds will most likely be conducted on the open waters of Lake Mead.    

Kayaks and Paddles
To give you the best experience possible; we will use high performance kayaks and paddles. All of our kayaks and paddles are high performance and are a joy to paddle.  These are the boats and paddles that we use ourselves.

Advanced Kayak Instruction
After you've taken an introductory lesson or two and you've gained some experience paddling awhile, you will want to continue learning and gaining experience.

These are kayak lessons where you start putting it all together. You will learn more about safety, endurance, efficiency, paddling in wind and waves, surfing in the winds, and much more.

Kayak School Resources
Kayaking is a never ending learning experience. This page will take you to a resource of articles and videos on kayaking skills, fitness, map and compass skills, and much more...

Adventure Fitness
This is our program of one (1) to three (3) days of intense paddling, canyon running, and as an option, mountain biking.  It is tailored to fit your fitness level and your schedule.

Schedule of Classes: We don't normally schedule classes. If you are interested in taking a lesson with us, simply contact us and book a day for a lesson.  

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Beginner Kayak Lessons
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Personalized Kayak Lessons with Kayak Lake Mead