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Kayak Lake Mead is an authorized dealer of Eddyline Kayaks and Eddyline Paddles for Arizona and Nevada.  We are located near Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Please contact us for information about Eddyline Kayaks or Eddyline Paddles or to arrange a demo.

This page is information about all graphite Eddyline Paddles for adventure, racing, and fitness.

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YES... Eddyline Paddles are beautiful....!
All graphite Sea & Mid Swift Paddles
We race, we paddle for fitness, we're adventurers.

In truth, we most often race with our Quick Blade Wings. However, you'll often find us paddling and racing with our all-graphite Sea and Mid Swifts. All graphite Swift paddles have a lot of advantages. Here's why...

First of all, we've won many an adventure race with our Swifts (or at least the paddle legs). As adventurers, we paddle our Swifts in some amazingly rough places. They haven't broken on us and we don't have to worry about them getting chipped or scratched. They'll sand and polish right out.  

Swift all-graphite paddles are lightweight and rugged! The two paddles shown in the photo above have been used one, two, or three times a week for over 5 years. If you wet sand and polish them, you can keep them looking brand new for years. 

Swift graphite blades are powerful with quick acceleration, a flutter free stroke and a smooth follow through. The blades are black fiber and can come with or without thin longitudinal holographic stripes.

The graphite shafts are strong and stiff for maximum power transfer.

Eddyline paddles are available in one piece, two-piece or four piece at any length you want. The shafts in the grip range have a slight oval shape for comfort and indexing. All Swift shafts are straight, this provides maximum versatility for all paddling conditions and techniques.

Swifts are some of the lightest paddles on the market, get more info.

Depending upon your size, strength, and style you may want to Mid Swift or a Sea Swift. Here's some info..

The Sea Swift is a full sized aggressive blade design that retains the versatility of conventional blades for bracing, sculling and rolling while offering sufficient power to be useful in the racing world. It is ideal as a big water paddle in surf and rough conditions for the more athletic paddler. It is also a favorite with recreational open water racers who want the broader range of performance not provided by Wing style paddles.

The Mid Swift is the most popular blade size and an excellent choice for most touring kayakers. The Mid Swift delivers plenty of pull and control in rough water conditions, yet it is quite well behaved when the wind blasts against it. We find this to be the ideal paddle for extended paddling in varied and changeable conditions and the only paddle many kayakers will ever need.
Mid Swift
Sea Swift
Sea and Mid Swifts posing in the water...Briana posing with her Falcon and all graphite Mid Swift...and posing in the water..Sea and Mid Swift on an Eddyline Falcon S-18...
Our best selling paddle is a Mid Swift, 2 piece, all graphite, 215 cm paddle.

You'll love it!

a. Depending upon your size and strength, you may want a Sea Swift (my paddle is a Sea Swift).

b. Depending upon your size, your boat, and your style of paddling, you may want a different length (my paddle is 212 cm).

c. If transportation is not a problem we recommend a 1-piece paddle, this always has the best power transfer. However, a 2-piece is more convenient for traveling or for stowing on your boat as an extra paddle. Four piece paddles work best for air travel. 
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