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Eddyline / Swift Paddles Information

Eddyline Paddle Information for
Adventure Racing
Why would you want an Eddyline Paddle?
Functional beauty in a paddle
One of the lightest paddles anywhere
Powerful, rugged, versatile
Strong bite into the water and exits nice
Good spoon for power
Good dihedral for a nice feel
And when people see you with a Swift paddle, your paddle will likely get compliments!
Why we paddle with Eddyline Paddles:
This light weight performing paddle is the paddle we use while guiding.  We put a lot of miles in the water and the Eddyline Paddles' ease of use make this our work paddle. It's also the paddle we provide for our customers, because we want them to have the best paddle experience possible.
Eddyline / Swift Paddle Information

Four Distinct Blade Designs:
The Sea Swift is a full sized aggressive blade design.

The Mid Swift is the most popular blade size and an excellent choice for most touring kayakers.  The Mid Swift is featured in the photos on this page.

The Wind Swift is a paddle that is excellent in high winds and delivers a healthy amount of paddle power for all but the most demanding conditions.

The Eddyline Pro (formally the Skookum) is a paddle designed for high angle power!

Eddyline / Swift paddles blades are available in Eddyline's unique modulus composite or graphite.

All Swift paddles feature graphite shafts.

Modulus blades are available in four translucent jewel tones; Amber Gold, Ruby Red, Lime Green and Cobalt Blue. They radiate in the sunlight and are brilliantly visible in the water.

All graphite blades are stealth black.

Eddyline / Swift paddles are also available with beautiful fabric inlays. Check here for fabric availability

Lengths and Breakdown Configurations:
Swift Paddles are available in 220cm, 225cm, 230cm, or 240cm lengths for immediate delivery OR you can specify a specific length between 210 to 240 cm in 5 cm increments.  We are available to determine the right length and model for you.

Swift Paddles are available as one piece OR as two or four piece (nice when traveling by air) breakdown paddles.
All breakdown paddles feature the simple, yet strong push button ferrule.

Ferrule System:
Eddyline use the simple and strong push button ferrule system with one button and three holes of 45 (left) - 0 - 45 (right) as a standard feathering. Alternative feathering options are: specify a higher angle, such as 60 degrees, with neutral postion, i.e. 60 (left) - 0 - 60 (right) or specify a lower angle with no neutral position, i.e. 30 (left) - 30 (right).      

Face Dimensions:
Length (where the neck ends and the paddle shape begins) by Width (across the mid section):
Wind:18 by 5 inches
Mid: 18 by 6 3/8 inches
Sea: 18 by 7 inches

Eddyline Paddles weigh in at 26 - 32 oz. depending on blade size and construction, standard color or fabric inlay, paddle length, and breakdown configuration.
Mid Swift - Cobalt Blue
Wind Swift - Ruby Red
Sea Swift - Amber Yellow
Length in cm:                          220                      230                        240

                                         Model and Weight in Ounces

Wind                                       27.7                    28.5                       30.2

Mid                                         29.5                    30.0                       30.4

Sea                                         29.7                    30.4                       30.7

* Weights are based on one piece standard color blade.
* Fabric inlaid paddle - add 2 oz.
* Graphite paddles - subtract 2 oz.
* Four piece paddle - add 3 oz.
If you have any questions about Eddyline Paddles give us a call at 928-767-3061 or e-mail us about Eddyline Paddles.

Kayak Lake Mead is an authorized dealer of Eddyline Kayaks and Eddyline Paddles for Arizona and Nevada.  We are located near Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Please contact us for information about Eddyline Kayaks or Eddyline Paddles or to arrange a demo.

This page is information about Eddyline Paddles.

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YES...Eddyline Paddles are beautiful....!
Sea Swift
Mid Swift
Wind Swift
Mid Swift Tropical in the water...
Ruby Mid Swift - a beautiful paddle!Mid Swift with Chinese character inlay - beautiful!All Graphite Sea and Mid Swifts - 5 years old and functioning perfectly!Beach display of Swift Paddles in the sand...beach display of Swift paddles in the air...Mid Swift with Tropical pattern inlay...beautiful!
Eddyline / Swift Paddle Photo Gallery
Mid Swift
Mid Swift - Lime Green
Skookum Swift - All Graphite
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Swift Paddles, as of October 2015, are now simply known as Eddyline Paddles

New For Fishermen: Eddyline now offers paddles especially built for fishermen; offering the Mid Fish, Big Fish (Sea Swift blade), and Pro Fish as angling paddles. These are the same blade shapes as the traditional Mid, Sea, and Pro, but with additional reinforcements to better handle the abuse fisherman tend to put their gear through. Available in 230cm to 260cm and in limited color and graphic options.